Updates 2/21/13

Hello everybody!

Our first post for the 2013 year, sorry for slacking. I wanted to take a few minutes and mention some of the updates to the site as well as plans for the future.

1. We’ve updated all the large detail images for recently added new books.
2. Updated and added basic descriptions for book boxes lacking them.
3. We will continue to work on descriptions, supporting images, and content for each book.
4. Added lightbox to supplement images, so clicking on these images keeps you on the same page, see image below:

5. We will be updating product images and descriptions on Facebook, as well as updating that page more frequently.
6. We will be working on differentiating sets and singles in the shopping cart for ease of shopping.
7. Finally, I’m excited to announce that we will be adding 11 new styles within the next 2 months (many of which will be offered as singles).

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