New Book Boxes – Preview 9/10/13

Hello readers,

Even though our website has been lacking slightly in updates, we have a large number of new books we will be introducing prior Christmas season (hopefully). We have at least 10 new book designs, a variety of sets & singles — we hope you like them.

Below is a sample of our working file. This image will get some additional modification prior to production, however the design is simply splendid. This book box will feature Van Gogh’s “Irises”  (1889) oil painting.

Book Box with Iris by Van Gogh

This is just a small treat, and we have many more surprises in storage, including Edward Munch’s “The Scream”, and a few more.

Thank you,
The Book Box Shop Team

Updates 2/21/13

Hello everybody!

Our first post for the 2013 year, sorry for slacking. I wanted to take a few minutes and mention some of the updates to the site as well as plans for the future.

1. We’ve updated all the large detail images for recently added new books.
2. Updated and added basic descriptions for book boxes lacking them.
3. We will continue to work on descriptions, supporting images, and content for each book.
4. Added lightbox to supplement images, so clicking on these images keeps you on the same page, see image below:

5. We will be updating product images and descriptions on Facebook, as well as updating that page more frequently.
6. We will be working on differentiating sets and singles in the shopping cart for ease of shopping.
7. Finally, I’m excited to announce that we will be adding 11 new styles within the next 2 months (many of which will be offered as singles).

Book Box Shop Facebook Giveaway Results!

We had 358 Facebook entries, and 3 blog entries. The winners for this competition are:

1. Willis Flanagan
2. Yvonne Young
3. Louis Emery
4. Marie Haggard
5. Rosanna Leo (single book)

We will be contacting winners to make their selection. Thanks for participating, and please be on the lookout for future giveaways!

Book Box Shop has Launched!

Book Box Shop has Launched!
Book Box Shop has officially launched and is open for business! I’m so very happy to announce this, finally! The website has been well over a year in development, ups, downs, frustrations, etc. That’s all in the past and very glad to be moving forward. Speaking of which, there’s lots to look forward to, including many new book box designs, giveaways, discounts, and blog posts. Please be sure to take advantage of our 25% off coupon, “LAUNCH25”. To commemorate the launch of our website, this is the largest discount we will ever offer!

Thanks again, for all the support and likes on our Facebook page. Look forward to wrapping up the giveaway on June 26th. Good luck!

Custom stamps, packaging, & updates!


We’ve received our custom rubber stamps. I thought this would be a great idea to personalize the packaging. Here’s what the actual rubber stamp looks like:
Rubber Stamp for Book-Box Packaging

These rubber stamps are courtesy of AssPocket Productions (awkward name for a company I know), you can find her and a vast collection of pre-designed stamps on her Etsy account here.

On the left we have one of our two “large” stamps, roughly 3″ x 2″, featuring two cute cats “messing around” amidst a pile of books. Let’s make believe they’re book boxes :3 The other full size stamp I’ll keep a secret for now (you’ll just have to order to find out ;). No, actually I’m just being a little lazy! In the center we have an embossed twitter stamp. I was at the Paper Source buying ink pads for my new stamps when I saw one of the ladies working there playing with embossing. A few minutes later, I left the store with the ink pads, and some embossing powder as well! On the right we have our final stamp layout on our book box carton. You would be surprised, as I was, exactly how difficult it is to lay down the large stamp so that it shows evenly and doesn’t have any void spots. It took me a few attempts stamping the cartons, but I finally got the procedure down. And I assure you, Book Box Shop was not my grand plan to be able to play with stamps at work…Really! Joking aside, the carton in the right image is the inner carton. Book Boxes are then placed into another carton for safe shipping. Anyway, I’m just glad to share these stamps with you — I’m really excited about them.

Next up, a little about the development of the Book Box Shop website. The individual book box product pages are still in their early phases. What I’d like to do is develop the content further, writing more in detail about the individual books, their story, background, and if applicable, the artist behind them. These pages should be more than just selling a product, I’d like visitors to leave having gained something; whether it’s learning about a painting, the artist, history, a topic, some fact, or an interesting image. The problem is I’m four years out of school and I have to admit, researching and writing mini-essays is not easy. I’m out of practice! So expect each page to be developed further, keep an eye out for that. I’m in the process of adding supplementary images at the moment, these are related images that I’ve selected to help visualize the products from a broader standpoint. I’ve implemented them on a couple pages so far, you can see them on our Chat Noir Book Box page, Picasso “Lady Sitting in Chair” Book Box page, Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” Book Box page, and finally Galileo’s “Scholar” Book Box page. Here’s a screenshot if you don’t feel like clinking on a link:
Supplemtary Images for Book Box Pages Please let me know what you think, or if you have any thoughts or suggestions how to make these pages better!

I’ll also be adding a few new single book boxes to the website, as well a sets. I’ll start with adding single books first, because they offer more selection to our lower priced options. I’ll be updating the Facebook giveaway, with a 5th winner, who will get to win one of these new singles. If by chance I haven’t added them to the site by the end of the giveaway…that makes them exclusive! Even better : ) Here’s a small preview of single books to come:
Book-Box Singles

Going to finish up here as this is beginning to get lengthy. I’m glad to have my first real blog post up, and plan for a few more; I’d like to do a “Behind the Book Box Shop” post, which would cover some of the process behind getting the shop up. It was an interesting experience, my first website, learning a lot about web development along the way. For next post I’d like to do “Marketing & Development of the Book Box Shop”, which, as I leave html and css behind, would cover topics such as SEO (search engine optimization) and general marketing. And of course, the official “Launch” post which will be coming up any day now!

Thanks for reading!
Book Box Shop

Facebook “Like” Giveaway

All “Likes” on our Facebook page, will be automatically entered for a drawing to win a book box of your choice. We will be giving away 2 book boxes of your choice. If we hit over 100 likes, a third set will be added to the giveaway. Over 200 and we will add a fourth.

All you have to do to enter is log onto your Facebook account and give us a “Like”! All likes will be entered to win, giveaway end date 6/26/12.

2 Winners will be drawn at random, up to 4 winners if we get 200+ likes. Winners get a choice of any one product on our website. Must live withing the continental US to be eligible for the giveaway. Shipping cost is covered within the continental U.S.

A Fresh Start

Due to some unforeseen issues with the website’s formatting for mobile and handheld devices, I decided to start fresh. Hope to have the new site running and fully operational within a one to two month range.

Book Box Shop